New Online Shop Coming for Air By Design!




Our new online shop is coming soon! We will be selling our range of odour neutralising gels and sprays, including essential oil room sprays, deodorising shoe spray, bin, floor and drain solutions, high quality air purifiers and more!


New Essential Oil Spray Range Packaging!


essential oil, scent, room spray

New packaging designs to go with our brand new essential oil spray range!

Mini Spray Samples to Try


Mini Spray Samples to Try

Our new scents are easy to try in these mini sample bottles. Currently available scents include: Mint, Cotton Flower, Spa, Fresh Water, Mineral, Iris Grass and Satin. You can influence your mood depending on the scent you choose – mint is great to make you feel alert and awake, whereas Cotton Flower may give a sense of wellbeing and comfort. Read more about scent marketing on our website: